Sonos December Promotion Update

Sonos December Promotion


We are excited to announce not one, but TWO new Sonos promotions running from December 2nd through December 25th. The first promotion is centered around the Sonos One Speaker. Buy one Sonos One and save $20, or buy two Sonos One’s and save $50! The second promotion revolves around the Connect:Amp. We are now offering a $100 off the Connect-Amp. Let’s explore these amazing offerings and discover why they would make the perfect gift.  

Sonos One. Play Everything Hands Free with Premium Sound


The Sonos One gives you the ability to play everything hands free. Backed by a pair of Class-D amplifiers and custom-built drivers, the Sonos One is meticulously tuned for rich, room-filling sound. The speaker also blends great sound with Amazon Alexa, the easy-to-use voice service, for hands-free control of your music and more.

Excellent Design that can be Played Anywhere

The Sonos one is designed to fit anywhere. The speaker’s compact and versatile design makes it great for rooms where space is at a premium. Not only is it compact, but it is also humidity resistant. Use Sonos One in music starved places like bathrooms and outdoor patios. All you need is Wi-Fi and a power source.

Two is Better Than One

Sonos One is part of the Sonos sound system, so you can easily add more speakers to fill every room with sound. Or you can pair two Sonos Ones together in the same room for instant stereo sound, and with our current offer save $50!


The Connect:Amp. Stream with any Speaker

Got a favorite pair of speakers you’d love to use for streaming? Or the urge to hear some vinyl while you’re lounging outside? With Connect:Amp you can stream music services and internet radio through any existing speakers, no receiver needed. Or send sounds from a turntable all through your home.

The wireless Home Sound System That Fills Your House With Great-Sounding Music and Movies.

Sonos speakers are easy to set up. Play different songs in different rooms. Stream your favorite music services, Internet radio, podcasts and song downloads. And since they connect and play through WiFi instead of Bluetooth, there’s never an interruption. Even if you get an incoming call or leave the room.  


Two Amazing Deals

Two great deals for two great products. Get $20 off a Sonos One or buy 2 and get $50 off. Or buy a Connect:Amp for a $100 off. Or really save and take advantage of both deals! Make sure you take advantage starting December 2nd.