Outdoor Audio 101: Enviable Outdoor Sound that Won't Bug the Neighbors

Summer is here and you want to be prepared for outdoor entertaining for any impromptu gathering of family or friends. It wouldn't be a social event without grilling, good company, and a great playlist! With the right combination of speakers placed strategically for an immersive sound experience, you can get amazing acoustics in any space, without blasting your neighbors. 

Our Home Automation department can take care of all of that for you. With an easy process to bring a custom audio system to your space, we can make the magic happen in any environment. 

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Urban retail is changing, and we're changing with it.

Today we closed our Midtown Village retail location. We love you Philadelphia, and we want to let you know that we aren’t going anywhere.

The closure of this retail store is part of the launch of Springboard In-Home Servicesoffering Mac support, sales, and service in the comfort of your home, throughout the area. We're excited to bring you this completely unique service that offers convenience and a personal touch to your Springboard experience.

We are so grateful for our time in Midtown Village and the support of our Philadelphia customers and we are looking forward to continuing to serve this community with our many offerings outside of our four walls in Center City. 

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10 Ways to Decorate Around a TV

Televisions can be awkward objects, when it comes to style. As beautiful as a giant flat screen is, you don't want it to be a hulking presence in the space. Instead, you want it to match your style and feel like it's a part of the design of the room. People get pretty creative with this problem, so we're here to show you only the classiest of options, the "best of the web".

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ICYMI: Apple Education Event Wows the Crowd

Earlier today Tim Cook welcomed an eager crowd at Lane Tech College Prep High School, to Apple’s first official event in 2018. With the keynote taking place at one of the oldest and most successful high schools in the Chicago Public School System, this event was focused solely on technology in the classroom.

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Airbnb Rolls Out Inclusive Accessibility Filters

Airbnb recently enabled 21 new accessibility filters to its platform enabling disabled users to successfully find accommodations that meet their needs whether that be a stair-free entryway or wide hallways measuring at least 36” wide. This is a huge leap from Airbnb’s original and sole accessibility search filter, “wheelchair accessible.”

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5 Smart Features Home Buyers Want

Smart home features today are like what stainless-steel appliances and granite counter tops were 5 years ago. At one point those were just a nice selling point, now they're expected across the board.

Real estate professionals are seeing the value of smart home elements in selling their properties, and it is believed that these features will become standard in modern homes across the board in the next five years! 

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"Green" Your House for St. Patrick's Day

Decorating your house with shamrocks for St. Patrick's Day is great, but getting an eco-friendly home make-over is even better! Save on your energy bill and do your part to save the planet with a few key smart home elements. You'll get an added bonus of a few cool new features with benefits that go way beyond getting your green on.

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7 Quick Tips on How to Design Lighting for your Home

There's nothing that adds more to the final aesthetic of your home like well-designed lighting. A perfectly lit room literally outshines the same room with drab or badly thought-out lights. Designing lighting is not as easy or obvious as many people think. Which is of course why architects and designers have degrees in this stuff! However, there are a few simple tricks that anyone can use to figure out how to really highlight your space in all the right ways.

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Netflix to Roll Out New Parental Controls

Netflix announced this morning that it will be rolling out new parental control updates in the coming months. These updates include the option to set PIN codes to individual titles as well as new on-screen content ratings.

What's to Love About Apple's AirPods

You’ve read about them. You’ve seen them, so why don’t you have a pair yet?

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