YourTraining+ Terms & Conditions


By purchasing a Your Training package from Springboard Media, Inc. (“Springboard”), you (“you” or “member”) are agreeing to all of these Terms and Conditions.


YourTraining+ Memberships are available to customers 18 years of age and older. An adult must agree to these Terms and Conditions for a membership purchased by or for anyone under the age of 18. For minors under the age of 16, an adult must be present during the delivery of a training session.

YourTraining+ Package Rules:

YourTraining+ sessions are time based and expire within one year after activation. There is no limit to the number of sessions purchased at one time. Your Training memberships are non-transferrable. Springboard Media, Inc. reserves the right to refuse, limit, or cancel any YourTraining+ services or membership for any reason, including without limitation if a member has displayed unreasonable behavior; is deemed to be violent, abusive, or disruptive, or has otherwise breached these Terms and Conditions, without refund.

Personal Training Rules: 

Personal training sessions are intended for informational purposes only and are individual sessions between the customer and a Springboard employee. All sessions are delivered at one of Springboard Media’s retail locations.

Springboard Media,Inc. Training Program is instructional and educational in nature and session content is limited to the established curriculum. Reservations for YourTraining+ sessions are subject to availability on a first come, first serve basis. Springboard Media, Inc. makes no guarantee as to the minimum number of sessions during the term of your training package or the availability of session times. All training sessions may be scheduled, rescheduled or canceled through our online appointment system or by an employee of Springboard Media, Inc. Customers may book an appointment up to fourteen days in advance. Customers may book no more than one session per package at a time. Customers who book more than the allowed number of sessions in a week are subject to cancelation of their package with no refund.

Sessions must be cancelled or rescheduled with 24 hours notice, any cancellation within 24 hours will be marked as a ‘no-show’. Personal training sessions are 50 minutes in length. Arriving late to a session may result in its cancellation. Customers who fail to appear for a scheduled session will be marked as a ‘no-show.’ with no refund. Springboard Media,Inc. reserves the right to change or cancel the date or time of any Your Training session at any time, including replacing staff who may be scheduled to deliver the session.

Data Protection and Authority:

Springboard Media,Inc. is not liable for the loss, corruption or breach of any of your confidential, proprietary or personal information or removable media. Customers should back up their data and remove any critical, confidential, proprietary or sensitive information before bringing in a computer for a Your Training session.