What is SpringCare?

SpringCare is a monitoring software powered by Springboard Media that will report on the health of your Mac and identify hundreds of common computer issues.

  • Tracks the health of your hard drive and alerts if and when a drive begins to fail
  • Tells if your backups are successful and regular
  • Detects Malware and Spyware that has been installed
  • Tracks warranty status and software expirations

How do I get SpringCare?

SpringCare is easy to install! You can stop by our store and we can add it while you wait, one of our technicians can install it while it’s in for a repair, or you can give us a call and we can send you an installer link.

Does this work on any computer? Can I get it for my mobile devices also?

SpringCare works on almost any Mac, the only requirement is that you have a regular internet connection to ensure proper reporting. We do not currently support iOS devices using SpringCare.

How will Springboard Media contact me if SpringCare detects a problem on my Mac?

Once our technicians see there is an issue with your Mac they will reach out to you via email and telephone using the contact information you provide at time of purchase. At this point they will work with you to determine the best support strategy for you. They will attempt to reach you three times before closing the ticket.

What’s included in my SpringCare subscription?

SpringCare is available as a monthly and annual subscription. SpringCare subscribers receive:

  • 24/7 Health Monitoring for your Mac
  • Special pricing on some repairs and tuneups
  • Exclusive access to remote support

A technician will reach out to you once an issue is identified on your Mac, at this time they will recommend the best support option for you. Software repairs

Once an issue is detected on my computer how do I get it fixed?

Can SpringCare see the data on my computer?

Here is the data that SpringCare uses to determine the health of your Mac:

  • Serial Number
  • Watchman Monitoring ID and Group Name
  • Computer Name
  • User Name
  • Time Machine Status
  • Hardware Health Status
  • Malware Detection

The Following cannot be detected by SpringCare:

  • Does not track screen or keyboard activity
  • Cannot see the contents of your screen
  • Cannot read user-created data or browser history
  • Does not track the location of the device
  • Cannot install or update any software on the computer other than the monitoring software
  • Over the phone technical support

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