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We recover from a wide range of devices. From your Mac or PC, to your iPhone of Flash Drive, our experts are here to help.We understand how precious your data is. We aim to make our data recovery services as straightforward and transparent as possible so you have the right expectations from the start. We also offer the lowest starting price for data recovery services in the Philadelphia area. Let us help you get your files back.


Client Testimonials

Springboard Media saved my iMac from certain doom. They replaced its hard drive and performed a data transfer, restoring it to full function. The service took a little over a week to perform, but I was updated with its progress throughout the repair. Thanks!

After my 2008 MacBook died with no warning, I brought it into Springboard. After thorough attempts, the tech guys weren’t able to get it to work because the hard drive completely crashed. Because my Mac was so outdated (and wasn’t compatible with Time Machine), I used flash drives to back up vital information. It wasn’t until this catastrophe occurred that I realized how disorganized the data is on flash drives, and how much important info would be lost. The good news for me was that they were able to recover 100% of the data! ...After my experience working with the staff at Springboard (and due to the diligent work of Chad), I highly recommend their products and services to everyone else in Philly.

Springboard made magic happen. I had the unfortunate experience of having my hard drive crash, then finding that my external hard drive was also dead. They were able to finish the work the same day that I dropped it off and they recovered my data! The associate was very personable. I was pleased that the wait was short at 3 pm on a Saturday.

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