8 Cool Things to do With Your Old iPad

8 Cool Things to do with Your Old iPad

Instead of letting your old iPad collect dust, we’ve compiled a list of ways to make it useful. The possibilities are endless for things to do with an old iPad so we chose just a few to keep it simple. But really, as long as you’re not using it as a Frisbee we’re probably on board. Here are some cool things you can do with an old iPad:

  1. Use it as a remote control for your Apple TV.

  2. Convert it to a recipe book.

  3. Display it as a digital photo frame.

  4. Connect it to Bluetooth speakers and use it like a radio.

  5. Pay it forward and give it to a younger relative or a grandparent.

  6. Leverage Air Display and use it as an additional monitor.

  7. Use it as a dedicated e-reader.

  8. Leave it in your car for on-the-road entertainment.

Use it as a Remote

Keep your iPad in your living room or theater room to use as a remote for your Apple TV. It’s big enough where it won’t get caught in the couch cushions meaning you won’t have to endlessly be digging around for the clicker! You can easily search for movies and titles to watch too, since typing on an iPad is super easy. Gaming is available on the new Apple TV and the iPad can also be used as a wireless controller. Don't have an Apple TV yet? No worries, many TV companies offer their own iOS apps so that you can make your iPad your full time remote and the best part is, you won't have to worry about changing the batteries.

Recipe book

Keep your iPad in the kitchen as a permanent recipe book and cooking aid. You can put it in a stand or mount it to the wall. Bonus: you can donate some of those older cookbooks and clear out some clutter. One of the coolest parts about having an iPad as your go-to recipe book is you can watch video tutorials of how to cook certain things. I know visual learning helps me a ton when cooking. You'll also have your entire arsenal of pinned recipes right at your fingertips.

Digital Photo Frame

You probably already have a lot of cherished pictures on your iPad already, or on the Cloud. Why not tastefully mount your iPad and have it as a digital photo frame? We can even help you mount it. This makes for a fun addition to any room that guests, especially the grandparents- will love to look at! Uploading new pictures to the iPad is as easy as syncing your devices to the cloud- making updating your photo stream even easier!


Have a nice set of Bluetooth speakers? Connect your iPad wirelessly and stream any songs you would like throughout the house, without having to worry about draining your phone battery. Download your entire music library to it and use it as your iPod, which has the added bonus of freeing up space on your other devices. Whether you choose to mount your iPad to the wall as your hi-tech stereo system or simply have it with the speakers at all times is your choice.

Hand it Down

Whether it’s to the kids or grandma and grandpa, they’ll be happy to have a gadget that’s new to them. If you’re handing it down to the kids just make sure you get a heavy duty case. No matter who you give it to, you’ll want to do a factory reset, so that the iPad is wiped of all data and doesn’t feel like a hand me down.

Use it as a Monitor

If double monitors are your thing (which seriously, why wouldn’t they be?) you can convert your old iPad into another monitor with Air Display. If you’ve never used a double monitor- prepare to be converted. Doing work on two monitors makes life so much easier.



Why not use your iPad to download and read all of your favorite books? Download the books you want at home when you’re on the wireless network, and then you have them for commuting on the train or wherever you go. The iPad is especially convenient to read textbooks on, since it has highlighting and note taking features. Many etextbooks are available nowadays and a lot of times they’re cheaper than buying a regular textbook- they’re certainly easier to carry!

Car Entertainment

Leave it in your car for a long road trip. Whether the kids decide to play games, or watch movies that you have in your library, they’ll be entertained and less likely to shout “are we there yet?” Many iPad games can be played without wi-fi, and are multiplayer games (where you pass the iPad back and forth), so if you have a few kids in the backseat they can all play!

When I upgraded my iPad, I gave my old one to my mom. It made for a great hand me down, now we can FaceTime, unlike before, since neither of my parents have iPhones.

How have you put an old iPad to good use?