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The Five Apps that Make Spring Cleaning Easy

It may not look like it, but Spring is fast approaching and you know what that means: spring cleaning! With the warm weather (hopefully) on the way it’s time to spruce up your home and get it out of its winter funk. Check out the five apps that are sure to help you spring into a cleaner home.

The Fridge

Don’t forget what may be the smelliest part of the house when you begin your spring cleaning this year. The Fridge (the app not the appliance) can help you keep track of what you put in your refridgerator and when it will go bad. The app will not only let you know when food is reaching its expiration, but it will also help you build out a grocery list and even suggest recipes that include the ingredients you already have.


When the seasons change there’s always an urge to get some new outfits, especially when the weather begins to warm up. However, if your closet looks anything like mine, closet space is at a premium. ThreadUp is an app that makes cleaning out your BrightHome appcloset fun, easy, and lucrative. With this app you can order a Clean Out Bag which can be filled with all those clothes that either don’t quite fit or you never had the chance to return. Once the bag is full send it to ThreadUp and they will pay you once the item sells on their site. You can use the cash at your local mall or it can be converted to ThreadUp credits you can use on their site where they sell designer brands for up to 90 percent off.


Mopping, scrubbing, and wiping is never fun, but with the right tunes it can be so much better. Dance your way through spring cleaning with Spotify. The free music streaming app can be downloaded to any device and allows you to follow any number of playlists and artists, and you can even create your own awesome mix. If you don’t mind the occasional commercial the free play is great, but the $9.99 a-month fee for Premium play is a small price to pay for no commercials and offline play so you can listen anywhere at any time. And with the Premium subscription you can play all your Spotify music on your Sonos speaker! Spring cleaning has never been so fun.


Whether you have a family or roommates, doling out chores is never easy, but OurHome is here to help. This app allows you to organize tasks and assign them to your housemates so that your bases are covered and everyone can contribute to keeping your home in tip top shape. Not only that, but with each task completed points can be rewarded to keep everyone motivated. Whether those points add up to a trip to the toy store or a round of drinks OurHome will ensure chores are completed like clockwork.


If you are a new homeowner or someone who just moved out on their own some of the things you have to clean such as grout, hardwood floors, or your oven seem like a mystery to you. Well clean without fear with the BrightNest app at your side. This app is chock full of helpful tips and tricks for cleaning every inch of your home without any unintentional damage. What’s more, it can send you tips that are specific to the type of home you have and specific things you need to care for such as a pool or yard.

Spring cleaning is never fun, but these apps are sure to make it easier. For all your tech solutions be sure to stop into any Springboard Media location and for more of our favorite apps be sure to check out our blog.   

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