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The Next Big Thing: Smart Clothing

It may seem like we have made pretty much everything in our lives smart; smart phone, smart home, even a smart trash can, what's left?

How about that jacket your wearing? Google and Levi’s teamed up to make that possible by creating the first smart jacket.

Now, you may be picturing Marty McFly in a self-drying jacket, but Google’s Advanced Technology and Products (ATAP) division teamed up with Levi’s to design a denim jacket that uses ATAP’s Jacquard Technology. This technology was introduced in 2015 as a type of conductive fabric that can turn any article of clothing into a connected “device” from which you can send commands to your smart phone. It pretty much takes the idea and abilities of a smartwatch, but makes it invisible, and a little more fashion forward.

This jacket is expected to hit the shelves this fall and will be priced at $350. For all you tech solutions in a tradtional form stop into any Springboard Media location, and for the latest in tech news be sure to stay tuned to our blog.

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