Your Local Exton iPhone Repair Shop


Did the unthinkable happen?! Did you drop your iPhone? Did you watch in slow motion as your screen broke in pieces along with all your dreams? Or did your iPhone decide it was a good time to go for a swim and hours after hours of trying to resuscitate it on rice your phone is still flatlined? Maybe even worst, your battery takes a mind of its own and decides that today your iPhone will no longer work.

Chances are, one or more of those crappy situations has happened to you before. Your iPhone connects you to your friends, family and your work. These day functioning without your smart phone feels impossible. So where do you turn too, in such dire circumstances?

Long Wait Time at the Apple Store

Your first idea might be the Apple Store. But do you have the time to go to the overcrowded mall, find parking, and wait in the long lines to get help at the Apple Store? This is your phone we are talking about. It is an emergency, and you need to be seen immediately! Your family and work cannot wait for the Apple Store to be ready to serve you.

Ok, so Maybe a Quick Stop at a Mall Kiosk…

Yes, these kiosks may be tempting. They’re fast and typically do not need an appointment, but they don’t always perform repairs with official Apple Parts. That means, they void your Apple Warranty since Apple Warranties do not permit repairs being performed with non-apple parts. That could come back to haunt you if you ever needed to replace your iPhone completely. Plus do you want your iPhone fixed with non-Apple parts? That could lead to more phone problems, leading you to have to get a new iPhone all together. Except, you will not be able to, now that you have voided your warranty. If only there were a better solution...


Springboard is the Best of Both Worlds

Springboard is the best iPhone repair choice in the Exton area! As an Apple Premier Partner and an Apple Authorized Service Provider, we are fully certified by Apple to perform repairs. Since we work with Apple directly and use Apple parts, we do not void Apple Warranties. Springboard will also honor Apple's warranty, meaning that anything damage under your warranty is free of charge!

Springboard is the best of both worlds. Customers are guaranteed service by Apple Certified Professionals using real Apple parts, while also avoiding the lines at the Apple Store. The perfect balance of professional and timely service, getting your iPhone back to you with the satisfaction that your repair was done correctly and efficiently.

Located in the Exton area we offer iPhone screen repairs, iPhone battery replacements, help with charging issues, camera services, iPhone data restores, iCloud backup and more! If your iPhone is having trouble Springboard Media can help!


Where Do I Sign Up?

The best way to schedule an appointment is by visiting and searching for Springboard Media. If you are having trouble, you can also call us!

Need same day service? For only $60 we can offer same day service with no appointment if the customer arrives before 3:00 PM!

Is There Anything Springboard Cannot Do?

Springboard cannot do non-Apple repairs. This includes phones that have aftermarket parts on them. For example, the phones that AT&T/Verizon's insurance partner, Asurion, provides to customers that lose or break their phones. These phones cannot be worked on since we are a strictly Apple Premium Partner.

Springboard Media: Your Trusted Local iPhone Repair Partner

Springboard Media is the ultimate solution to your iPhone repair needs. Customers get to avoid the dreaded wait time at the Apple store, while also having the full guarantee that they are dealing with Apple Certified Partners using Apple Certified parts. Fix your iPhone with Springboard today!