Donation Requests

Our commitment is to support causes that serve both our customers and our community. We receive countless requests for charitable giving every week. We tend to make a larger quantity of small contributions, rather than a few large ones. In other words, please do not ask us to donate an iPad for your cause. We do not donate product.

To request a donation from Springboard Media please fill out the donation request form below. Our community outreach committee reviews each submission and will respond within 4 weeks to your request. All requests must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to your event.

To qualify for charitable donations, your organization must maintain 501(c)(3) exempt status.

Requests not eligible for consideration include:

  • Direct donations to individuals (i.e. scholarship or fellowship assistance, pageants, medical funds, sponsorships)

  • Endowment, capital or building campaigns

  • Film or video projects, including documentaries

  • For-Profit entities, including start-up small businesses

  • Political, labor, religious or fraternal organizations/activities

  • Travel-related, including student trips or tours

We prefer to support those who support us. While we truly believe in giving, should we support your cause we would certainly hope that you would make it a priority to make any technology purchases from Springboard Media.

Please fill out our donation request form.